Pieces that always catch our visitors’ eyes are the horse hair pottery pieces from Dakota Bones Ltd – Custom Horse Hair Pottery and Paintings by Cherie Ramsdell. Ramsdell, a local South Dakota artist, has gained a reputation for her intricate pottery pieces and large-scale murals such as those she designed as a former Mitchell Corn Palace Muralist!  

Her unique focus on horse hair pottery pays homage to the Apache tradition of honoring a fallen war horse. Using real hair from the mane or tail of a horse, she burns the hair onto the vessel being formed which creates beautiful and mesmerizing designs. Her modern interpretation of this ancient tradition appeals to art lovers and horse enthusiasts alike!

Q Jewelry is proud to be able to feature a wide assortment of Cherie’s exquisite creations and designs. Each piece showcases her remarkable skill and attention to detail. For those who wish to create a custom piece, even using the hair of a beloved horse, we are delighted to help facilitate this process. She is a master of gorgeous vessels and sculptures!

Come discover the beauty of Ramsdell’s horse hair pottery…We promise you won’t regret it!

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