Jewelry Design & Repair

    We take jewelry design seriously! Our unique approach to the design experience allows your inspiration to come to life as we work together to design your one-of-a-kind creation. Once the vision is documented, we carefully review form and function to carefully craft your inspiration and bring it to life as a truly unique artisan jewelry item. Contact us to discuss your custom creation today!
    We work in a variety of precious metals and other materials to help repair and restore various jewelry items. From traditional repair methods to the latest in Laser and/or CAD CAM design we are prepared to handle what comes through our door.

    While we make every attempt to service your jewelry article in-store, there are times when a jewelry article is better served by being sent into the original manufacturer or to a specialty service center to ensure the article is repaired in the proper fashion.

    Rest assured, our number one priority is to YOU, our customer, and second, to your jewelry article. We review each and every jewelry item before determining the best course of action to having your jewelry article repaired or restored.
Quick Inspirational Design Sketch.
14KT White Gold with Salt and Pepper Diamond on Fancy Link Chain.
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