Appraisals & Trade-In Valuations

    Q Jewelry and Gifts is proud to have a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional on staff. We utilize software to generate jewelry appraisals that can be used to establish or re-establish insurance coverage for your jewelry articles.

    When requesting an appraisal on an item purchased from an entity other than Q Jewelry and Gifts we strongly suggest bringing any and all documentation you may have regarding the jewelry item. This may include previous appraisals, original sales invoices, grading reports, repair records, etc.
    Sometimes there are circumstances that warrant using currently owned jewelry to acquire new jewelry. We are fully prepared to calculate and offer Trade-in Valuations on your current jewelry that can be used towards the purchase of new jewelry.

    Our evaluation process will walk you through the options available and assist you in acquiring that new special jewelry item!